Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Stanford!

...just a little joke, no one is repressing it. But the Stanford Engineering school has done something extremely nice, namely put up entire course materials online for computer programming, AI, and some electrical engineering courses. Looks very well done. I really like the transcripts of the video lectures, since I like reading more than listening. I don't think MIT's OpenCourseWare does that, but that is another very nice open access project.

I am a little envious of today's self-motivated youth, it would be pretty easy to teach yourself almost anything these days. When I was a teenager I taught myself basic calculus from an old 1940s book (it was called something funny like Calculus for the Everyman, I can't remember exactly). It had nice line drawings but geez, being able to virtually sit in on MIT classes would have helped I think.

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Peteris Krumins said...

It's pretty cool that Stanford made those courses available for free!

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