Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Ten Talk Titles at the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

10. The Most Likely Path to Systemic Failure

9. Exploding Rocks

8. Moving Mucus from the Outside In

7. Ducks in Array: Inferring Individual Rules from Collective Behaviour

6. The Nonlinear Dynamics of Jellyfish Swimming

5. The Neuromechanics of Insect Locomotion: How Cockroaches Run Fast and Stably Without Much Thought

4. Transformational Acoustics: Acoustic Cloaks, Carpets and Wormholes

3. A Semi-Implicit Blob Projection Method for Tiny Insect Flight

2. Mathematical Model for Contemplative Amoeboid Locomotion

1. Warping Peirce Quincuncial Panoramas


Chad F. said...

What is your criteria for coming up with this list? How did you judge a title as noteworthy?

Just curious ...

M. Hampton said...

Well, most of the others aren't very interesting or funny (to non-specialists at least).

Honorable mention to "You are what your mother ate".

Chad F. said...

I have to admit that several titles on the list are funny and interesting, but I couldn't fathom how and why my title ended up #1 on the list. :)

You missed this one: "Chlamydial Infection and Spatial Ascension of the Female Genital Tract: a Hybrid Cellular Automata Mathematical Model". Talk about researchers spending their whole day studying the female genitalia!