Thursday, September 3, 2009

600-cell animations

Over the last year or so, when I have time, I've been trying to fine tune ray-traced animations of polytopes (using Sage, Tachyon, ffmpeg, and cddlib). My latest effort was to do a loop of Schlegel projections of the beautiful 600-cell. The 600-cell is one of the six regular polytopes in 4 dimensions; its usually considered the 4D analog of the icosahedron. Here's a still from my animation:

Since Blogger's re-encoding butchers my movies, I will just post links. Here are four sizes:

small (320x200, 3.5 MB)
medium (640x400, 7 MB)
large (1280x800, 13 MB)
large, high-res (1280x800, 33 MB).

1 comment:

Alasdair said...

That is quite staggeringly beautiful!