Saturday, June 13, 2009



1.5 lbs Late Summer Wildflower Honey (Talking Oak Farm, WI)
3 lbs Northern Brewer Orange Blossom Honey (CA)
3 lbs Skalko's Honey Bee Farm Honey
3 lbs Duluth Whole Foods Coop (not the chain) Honey
1 cup Northern Brewer Gold Malt Extract
1 handful o' hops from Grant Anderson
Lalvin EC-1118 S.bayanus Champagne Yeast
...after 2 months added 1/2 cup of Adro Hungarian Forest Honey (great stuff)
...after 7 months added 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 2 Ceylon teabags
...bottled after 9 months with another 2 bags of Chai Black Tea.

All the tea is to offset the sweet taste - the champagne yeast should have gobbled it up but at the 7 month point it was still too cloying for me. Now it tastes pretty good...

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