Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sage at the joint math meetings

Live from DC, we're halfway throught the joint mathematics meetings. This is the second year that Sage has had a booth in the exhibit hall.

Our location is not as good as last year's, but we are still getting a good amount of foot traffic - enough to occupy most of the people here most of the time. David Harvey, David Joyner, Robert Miller and I have been manning it most of time. Jason Grout helped out this afternoon quite a bit. I may be forgetting some folks because I'm a little frazzled.

The word of mouth about Sage is increasing, many people stopping by have tried it or at least heard about it. I think its very encouraging for the future. Several people expressed interest in how to become developers.

We had an MAA panel session today on open-source software in the undergraduate curriculum. Four speakers, two of which (David Joyner and Robert Miller) talked about Sage (others on R and WeBWork).

Overall, so far the booth has been another success in raising awareness and enthusiasm for Sage. Talking to different people has made me enthused about all sorts of development projects, enough to keep me busy for at least the next year...

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