Thursday, December 4, 2008

A mathematical coloring book

I've been working on a mathematical coloring book, with the pictures created using Sage. It still needs some work but I've put a preliminary version up at (I am not making any money on it, the cost is what charges to print it.) I have also made the download freely available. I would appreciate feedback, especially from people with kids who try it out.


Georg Muntingh said...

Marshall, in a later stage this would make a great Christmas present, fun for the whole family! Some of them could be made into puzzles, by cutting them up along the lines and then rearranging them.

By the way, I work with plane foliations myself, so I might contribute a picture or two, if you're open for this of course.

M. Hampton said...

Plane foliations sound like a perfect addition! I am interested in seeing what you might have in mind. I guess I would have to finalize my thoughts on how commercial to go with this project if I get contributions (currently I am leaning towards keeping it open and cheap).

Georg Muntingh said...

I am waiting for some inspiration, but the only thing that comes to mind is the quadrupole or sextupole field, but those are not nearly as spectacular as your three body problem. (See for instance )

Anyway, if I run into something I'll send it to you.

Rob Fetter said...

Marshall, on your homepage you say this wouldn't be interesting unless one was a very unusual person. I suppose I am, as I find this and your other articles fascinating, although I understand little more than the pretty pictures. I love the coloring book idea. When we have kids (circa fall 2010) I will definitely come looking for it.

Nice to see you looking so happy and fulfilled.

Rob Fetter