Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sage 2.10.3

Sage 2.10.3 is out, with the first released version of the new interact command. As a spectator to the process, it looked like a tough fight between bugs and developers - which I think should be viewed as an entirely positive thing, since it is a consequence of improved QA practices.

Release notes are here, in case you need it the download page is here.

If I can stop playing with interact (which has already been useful to me in teaching and research after 1 day!!) I hope to contribute a wee bit to some upcoming releases. I am rewriting the gfan interface to make use of gfan 0.3. Also, a student and I are working on pretty graphics for path-tracking solutions from homotopy solvers of polynomial systems (phcpack). I'll have to revise the plan a bit to exploit interact.

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