Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some worksheets for the curious eight year old

My increased use of Google+ and to a lesser extent Facebook has meant this blog, never very active, has fallen on hard times. But it might get revived a bit by a new project: my wife and I decided to try homeschooling our daughter.

While I am all in favor of a certain amount of drill problems to learn arithmetic, I think usually in schools the exercises are too narrowly focused on one topic. So I have started making some worksheets with more of a mix of subjects. In the slight chance that they are of interest to other parents or kids, I will try to post them here. Here are the first eight, as PDFs and the source LaTeX:

Worksheet PDFs

LaTeX sources

In case you are worried that I am reinventing the wheel, I am very actively looking at other material. We already have some more standard curricular materials, and we are also using the Khan Academy quite a bit - a really fantastic resource for basic mathematics.